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Color pervious cold mixed asphalt polyurethane adhesive

 Color pervious cold mixed asphalt polyurethane adhesive
Product Name: color pervious cold mixed asphalt polyurethane adhesive


Brand: Soderberg

Specification: 35kg/ group (25kg for component A + 10kg for component B)

Composition: polyurethane polymer

Color: various colors

Whether to process customization: accept customization

Performance characteristics: high water permeability, large bearing capacity, strong ornamental, simple construction and easy maintenance, no need to cut joints, good heat dissipation, good freeze-thaw resistance.

Scope of application: permeable pavement leisure greenways, runways, bicycle lanes, city squares, high-end residential quarters and outdoor sports venues built in sponge cities.

Color pervious cold mixed asphalt polyurethane adhesive
Introduction:    color pervious cold mix asphalt polyurethane glue is a new pervious flooring material mixed with a kind of polyurethane polymer and stones. It is widely used in municipal greenways, garden paths, city square roads, leisure roads in high-end residential areas, parking lots, and outdoor sports places. The color pervious cold mix asphalt has rich and beautiful colors (various colors can be selected), with high water permeability, strong bearing capacity and good heat dissipation. It is the preferred material for sponge cities. As a breathable new sponge City material, it has good permeability, good compressive strength and high permeability coefficient. It not only beautifies the pavement, but also provides a rich color combination scheme for the original asphalt road. The construction is efficient and convenient. There is no restriction on the construction site, and large machinery is not required. Small sites can also be constructed.
matters needing attention:
The construction period of colored pervious cold mixed asphalt should avoid rain and snow.
Before the construction of colored pervious cold mix asphalt, the ground shall be free of too much dust and ponding, and the stones shall be as clean as possible with less dust. After the colored pervious cold mixed asphalt is paved, it must be sprayed with yellowing resistant dipropyl polyurethane finishing agent again. (the company has a yellowing resistant dipropyl polyurethane covering agent for color pervious cold paving asphalt)
The dosage is about 1.1kg/m2.
Product shelf life: under suitable storage conditions, the storage period of the product in the original barrel packaging is 6 months. Once the barrel is opened, it will be used up as soon as possible.